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Echo Clone (Internet 2)

Echo Clone(Internet 2) EP
2022©NLS Records Producer РJimmy Howe
Cat. No. NLR5200

01 Internet Walking Out Because is Too Loud 5:05
02 Echo Clone 5:13
03 State 415 4:25
04 Elemental 7:18

Internet 2 – Jimmy Howe

Science of silence
I have seen their point of views and their sight of the post modernist. What have I had to conclude or collude with these post modernist at most in some dance off parties or some luxury clothing brands oral’s montague.
In the most, and of the most of course is all in their interest for almost in the warmest and highest regards to gain their popularity. A show for show, and most popularized variety shows. It is no long 1917, and for the establishment on POP-ART have been with us for 50 years, and the art world in the last century is so hard to learn from the best of the best, as an artist?
Kitsch art, post modernism and street art. Minimalism, Dada and the rest is already historically manifesto with NFT and token arts in the last few years.
Technologies and art will always be at the forefront of the artworld, although unlikely coming from me or in my writing, that this kind of art movement in visual and sound have been pretty much a quick glance over there and here for another outlook. What does it really suppose to sound like and feel like when you should pay any attention towards their future, our future as post human actively looking for a mechanical reproduction or a copy on originality. I have the role of being an artist and a technologist cannot help you to reflectively paid attention to an art world of diversity, gender or racial determinism in the daylighting of how the Situ in the art world is colluding with entertainment, politic and the climate change.
Anybody with the right kind of mind would noticed how unjust and bias is the artworld is doing at the moment, by bring in all them street artists to say paint in the legal space and equally saying stop what you are doing since we will provide you a shelter and refuge so you can be safer from the streets. In another sense, painters are divided by the standardization of policy and political will or what we known them as reformed artists, mostly coming from China since the 80’s when they are gathering their pace to
produce less propaganda art and begin their self expressionistic thinking about art and society and their role to their uncanny way of runaway success as the 90’s and 2K hits and miss, with their independent thinking about not giving up a career as an artist.