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Jimmy Howe

Jimmy Howe is an audio visual producer, an artist and record label owner working on visual music, livecoding and music production. Jimmy is also a documentary film director. NLS Records is a collection of international artists in live visual performances and a record label whom specialise in visual music and audiovisuals.

Jimmy has a B.A. in painting from Whitman College, WA. USA and a M.F.A. from CityU Hong Kong School of Creative Media. His work with visual projection focusing on VJing and recently creating livecoding performances as a VJ. Jimmy exploration between Geometric, Lighting and constructural play between post geometrical compositions and post figurative of a scientific nature.

As a producer, his music has been occasionally played on BBC Radio by Tom Ravenscroft, remixing for a Gamelan label in Bali and DJ mix recording for Dub Lab(LA) and for a Chicago online Radio College. Jimmy Howe’s documentary film – “A.Visualist-2011” have been screened at Mapping Festival (Geneva, Switzerland) Resonate Festival(Belgrade, Serbia) and FILE Festival (São Paulo, Brazil).

A division of Nonlinear Records founded by @NLSRECORDS created for archives of electronic visual music (EVM) and distribution of ambient experimental sound (AES.)