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A Visualist is a film of the minds over matter. I am a guide that takes you to the next step or phase in this information revolution. A principle in designing the future of Cinématique/Kinematik/kinematics/运动学 and photographics in trend and stylization between motion (sound) movement of change in the visual milieus.

The travelling continues between different matter of spatial environment, changing from the inside to the outside in. Venues is obviously an important scale to those who work as visualist. Each spatial scale length duration was less than 5 minutes apart. I visited a visualist’s studios, as these artists speaking like in “George Bernard Shaw’s” – Arms and the Man.

“You have the soul of a servant, Nicola.'”‘Yes, that’s the secret of success in service.'”

Director/Camera Jimmy Howe
Editor Arnau Quiles
Music by Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud
Sound Designer Matthias Kispert

Shantell Martin
Ben Sheppee
Michael Faulkner
Matthias Kispert
VJ Spain – Óscar Testón (otu)
Alba Coral
Alva Noto
Edwin de Koning & Bart van der Ploeg
VJ Reel
Dj Spooky aka Paul D. Miller
Greg Hermanovic
Dave Ferner
Peter Kern
Christian Hogue
Michel Chanaud
Joshua Davis

©nonlinearI production 2011

DVD is available upon request with extra interviews footage and full length performance including subtitles in two languages.