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Nonlinear Records (NLS Records) have been building a website from the NLS Label to engage sound collectors of vinyl and music but also to build an On:line system for vinyl and artists, where we can help them to find the geo-engineering by the proximity to China’s one country two system (1C2S) by creating projects using the cheapest, rarest materials from Shenzhen for programming artists;  And likely a modernist’s idea for embodiment to create their design that has experimental values and novel to the idea of art and engineering in sound.

Vinyl in music is bridge in an art of realization such as the conditioning towards a temporal and spatial medium/format for collecting, research, or fields towards a networked society for conversation in Music. This has been the most constant change for anyone whom can bring live format to the most common and commanding FORMAT is theory of sound and music principles.

Technologies guide us to understand the inbetween but now we take back what technologist cannot give us on what is it that we are; or who we are connected’ via inferences can understand this system of ancient modules or by shaping the changing landscape of optical illusions.
Most of our jobs requires the internet and experimentation, but then those who are continuing to invent or construct the knowledge base, we know that ETHER is how we do things and not when to do things independently, as well as collaboratively manifesto.

NLS Records; will try to collect, implement and provide you with information and micro data for the community to understand their own desire, style and interest via this portal of selections, items and production.