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Looking for music in Nonlinear(i) iND genetics
Naked Nuras Loves Rave
Release Date: 2023-06-02
Genre: Electronic
Sub Genre: Electronica
Label: NLS Records
UPC: 730530622464

Louder at Midnight 05:32
Tissue 02:26
HipHop Technics 00:27
Seven Discrete Dimensions (Hidden Bside Remix) 04:14
Tetron in Growth Hormones 06:56
Upper Decker Ninja 03:55
Who Cares about the Distance 04:38
Jet (NNLR Remix) 11:55
ENL 03:16
Pascal Triagulation (with Peter Gardiner) 02:25
Satori (with Yuki Kai) 06:12
Message from Her Mastermind 04:08
The Fifth Wave 14:28
The Project Declaimer Third 10:41
Average Reason 04:27
Como io Como io 04:55
Standard English 03:35
Fader Fox 13:29

Track 18 on NONLINEARI™

It is an infinite composition or not of competition instead looking for ways to design and improve the technical side of things but of course one that you are following the people who is more capable of designing an infinite state of loop in Sound Design but correct me for waiting on the next project these practices are worth exploring.

precision of a musician
The concept of rhythmic precision is all about having the control to perform rhythms accurately every time we play. People argue that good, organic music has a loose feel, and I agree with that. But even that loose feeling needs to be accurately executed for it to sound loose at all times.

In our relational universe, memory can be conceived by the collapse of any system. I like, remembering, reconnecting and doesn’t have to be reflections or nostalgia about some information like chaos has an explanation in random solo equations….