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Project AOA, Ver. 3 Day After Mono – EP

The Project AOA Part III release as a part of the on going series of Project AOA albums.

At an undefine location and disclosed area, the context of everything, you could every imagine about what a way to say the worst thing about someone and at any point of no escape. You know that there are only a way to be fearful about getting away in that instance.

In the past the conversation could only be a formalized question and answer, there is almost no one way to listen in to people lives, and if you listen carefully, the tone and the vocal are always an entraction to the next set of lives you could imagine living as if you lived it once before.

Listen to other people’s lives are always a tale of the red dragon, a momento of a passive way to create an imitation of wishing well. Sometimes, you might conincide with the initial intention of the every and very think that was being spoken.

Aloud, yet questionable in the instances. Deep or swallow, you can tell their tale afterwards.

Release March 29, 2019