There are several things that always could change the course of our life.

Visualist has change mine and it is still changing my work into an understanding of the way how design interface with aesthetic. Like functions.

 In every line of code the output is carefully implemented in ways for interrupting a setting or space. For example the interior design thinking is a core experience that the duration of the user is focus into zones like that of architecture, whether is through the designing a modular furniture or via the space of A Visualist System, the decoration inside a stable core design is within the reach of the building's functional geometry configurations.

For example how do you design in architectural form using a VJ software when the process is continuously animated my idea is ” solid of least resistance in ship theory “

Like a ship at sea and the flow of water is the resistance and will continuously flow throughout the haul without stopping. The idea that capture the formalism in the form itself is pretty much using “intermediate active form”

Like a kinetic structure of movement and parts that produce a result of either landscape environment or mathematic data information in the matrix to plot the numeric sequences in to a new set of paradigmatic design of parametric system

The theatric and lighting design system
ambient environment to function
the concept of lighting design initiated from the above and beyond experience by daylight moods and that we understand the need of natural lighting by night and we acquire a routine and pattern.

Natural colour of lights and lighting design

How do we understand the process of generative design for the visuals? My idea behind it, is by doing and practicing code and algorithms, mathematic of some kind. And the result is through your understanding of generative aesthetic is in fact the same as seeing as part of an aesthetic system or art history that have history in architectural system and the elemental design in spatial function and form. And I think it should be following the function aspect.

Elegant as an algorithm that whenever code is executed inside a programme the aesthetic is an idea presented by either technology or at history of the arts. An act of time execution of more likeness inside a very complex system in either spatial design or of a coding result. To be precise with the parametric of architecture.

In architectural design the formalism a based on a few principles of texture base economy body of language by definition; on form, on scale and on time.

These principles abase upon morphogenesis or the idea behind morphology in architecture – Thom Mayne

I’ll describe these in details about the procedural production and a parametric design of structure in generative design

for example how do we design something sustainable based on some simulation and understand their function behind the morphogenesis of generative base model

essentially it is a concept and the computational solutions it’s in the field of science and engineering as a suggested base of an architectural event as in lighting systems and acoustic treatments architectural technology need to set up guidelines internal mental skills in order to engage in the information landscape to understand architectural environments as responsive as how intimate and immediately design into media aptly the intermediate of design and form studies.