Visual and music is an art of realization as such as the condition for controlling temporal and spatial intermediate field for net performances – Music has the most constant changes for anyone whom can bring to the visuals.
Dialectic thinking of spatial connectivity and repetitions. On the Basis of duality from sound space or temporal theory, percussion programmes and conditional towards the underground culture, it is prima to all pattern or arrangements of the sound generated from formal structures. The frequencies of colour, that of the sound and spatial distancing are modulation from lower ranges of frequency and sometimes non pattern of pitch, speed and tone.

We should try to understand the ways to produce sound and visual, each culture in traditional sense have their way to understand aesthetics, in Hong Kong alone, there are a way to understand this diversity of sound and image. From creators such as filmmaker of Johnnie To, Wong Ka Wai and even my father Peter Yung Wai Cheung, who are all in the Hong Kong’s Film Directors club. Just amount to a few names, I think some people don’t know about films from Hong Kong need to do their research.

Film has been a popular ways and is a traversal force to educating the people on how to see, listen to images and sound. They can occupy their spatial thinkings. I, alone cannot explain my education, my aesthetic and ofcourse in my way of manipulating visual images. I have predecessor or peers who in turns influenced myself from the East to the West. Music and films are all part of my mental mappings but also sciences, it’s a large natural part of my training in Pre-Engineering School I attended. Therefore I can only say to a few that scientific understand of nature phenomenon is a progressive way to find a philosophy in to creativity.