What’s an array in visual framework

An array of visual frames occurs within the vertical axis and the horizontal position imposed by the third axis of the conjecture of furtherest distances before the viewer portal of visual axiom.

A short burst of visual in 5 points approach with a 3 ways lighting system (XYZ)

Visual flares of light vs. shadow directly indicate the sequence of cast-shadow in monotone matter of black & white images. The background of darkest indication of flats and layer of darkest region within the image proceed to fill the reflective index of colour and non-colour composition in long shots and open view wide shot. Opposite of induce layering of the composite, medium pixel or fractal.

Axiom if intentional composed, multiple level and lay of camera angles can consideration for parametric architectural cinemascope by the vibration and shock on the pressure of camera’s outer edges to allow more lighting reflective balance.