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Rest In Peace Mira Calix (1969-2022)

  • To the side of the building you can see that only woman with the light on from above the apartment. The light is dimly on inside, no one is in sight. The moment for all the angle of noticing the really period of the carefully arrangement of the flowers by the window. These flowers are not only a symbolism from someone unfolding bottle of a Jim Beans on the table.
    The question how to unfloor the emptiness of the apartment, iced and not chirp and the taste of light is very uncomforting, observer can know that the laptop on the table and the rest of the desk is just a massive pile of everything, from books to letters or whether they are objects that is necessary or the bottle is emptied and nothing can be found in the oil burn that midnight ghost, lowering the swing and the guitars hang up, how many, vastly arrangements are not always the best friendly.
  • The morning is always hard overcome the loneliness of the man of town, the eventual call
  • -The- more we can place this picture on the wall, the exact moment of intention from many dark corners between the parking lots and closing shops.

The exact timing of a call from the cops, and precise report from the security in the woman’s building

Moment their kid was performing in the school music festival

a period of absolute movement in their heels in the evening hours

mostly we can see the progress in lightness in heart there is a playfulness with a smile and positivity they carries

The survivor told us that she was clearly misunderstood by how easy it was when she left her building and gone from this unknown place staked from heaven and hell, she was told she was his patient with all claim from resisted.

high apartment by Jimmy Howe 2014-2022