The seminal technology design for humanity is an experimental language, like the lyrics in our music that carry the message in a bottle. In science and the arts, electronic music is a type of technology concept that is collaborative and social. Audio Visual producers are likely using tools that we cannot use to connect and share with each other, when we cannot connect, like the discovering of smalltalk in programming languages.

NLS ยท Alles Klar II (All That Random Jazz) – Nnlr (Mix FOC)

Creating lyrics is not an element of a surprise, but an invention, like programming code with knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, or biology to understand your surroundings and writing style and passion and love for humanity. The arrangement becomes a physical materialisation of a conceptual combination of reality, meditative to an images alignment of the aural parts of a silhouette-A.Lyricist

How is electronic music with no lyrics created and then become a masterpiece, or; in some cases gaining wider audience attention only years after it was released?


Jimmy Howe