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Reality check level 3 in the film inception describing the search for Saito perhaps is really Nakamoto

Since 2016, my memory returns

It was like an inception

The idea behind dog algorithm I’m presenting to you have to do some natural phenomena for example elements in the world the world consists of different types of fundamental elements mostly consist of Wood metal immortal so the idea begin as a experimentation into the wild and this and the most expendable elements in the world Dead abundant man the abundance of water for example has been neglected by humanity Snow ice rain storms for example deserted most scares I most, powerful forces stuff we faces everywhere on the planet and somehow we consist and insistently face these temperamental forces and the wireless.

In the urban environment urban is and have taken hold of our most vulnerable ways of life in these algorithms i’ll postulate you what the half given us in palm and to understand the beginning of artificial intelligence for example Color in The spectrum hide the most colorful picturesque images only allow us to understand the construction and the concision behind some structure that we call color before hops perhaps the geometry as the basis of understanding the complexity of geometrical structure. What a structure to a living patten and The drawings that we have displayed is home the phone a function List buried by the many ways of looking into a single image the images cannot summarize the entire universe of geometry order but it has a technological chances of us understanding a collective a fundamental changes in time.

Example would journey through a living space the dimension it is two dimensional three-dimensional spaces Will understand that we inhibit D architecture alliance Estes a heritage incest real heritages and reality we perceive i’ll die mentions enough spaces differently according to your senses of Census and wish respond to your feelings emotionally by persist to process of paving in a real living organism what is a tree all concrete building stoep.

The form and function as a fundamental truth that we have held behind Time composition anti-movement of time is a change in don’t mention. -Don’t mention 

-die mentioned 


-so Full Rick Petitt’s 

so repetition in naming the force of nature normally we speak of a correction a magnitude in the physics of magnitude and die mentions are fundamentally a momentum that drives these color into in an order or a pattern of understanding repetition behind door that we inhibits and cohabit between function forms but as a way to navigate between spaces throughout universal elements of property is the shape that we understand by the most basis of composition an abstract way of looking into a world without the self experience of understanding structure in the urban sense.

Environment a potentially harmless unless we understand the forces between nature and older is a control of conditional behaviors train digital on analog world content driven through a network equally spaced balance design. The idea is a psychological manifestation of foams that shakes the color by adding an algorithmic order the function is a future to extract the most fundamental numbers when the spatiotemporal world inside program (NFT/Crypto)

We talk about the idea I come closer to you all living environment of extended and understanding change this thought around rational of subtle changes screen passing attempt roll on to this is he/she pattern of temporal design, and sound.

(Women who played the same instance of change by tempo robot, i’ll sample just in time spatial order of color.)

Color  and color spaces like colour music we understand space and time fill sound and Visual we visualize in order composite between the visual and visible psychology.

I think that Visual music it’s just a natural phenomena when we try to interpret interruption by leaving the space behind to emptiness.

There’s no instruction in a world that we are bringing only outsells into this line of two treachery and Physical understanding a physicality of color my study have been looking at spatiotemporal turns of light and sound. True form and function in structure And thought mention but perhaps if we come to the real world of results and understanding these edges indications both directions we both understand projectiles velocity and change.

I’m working change of time in the forces that we face Grass root movements and viral diseases the cyberspace I’m not only a happy chill or living Space phone known practitioner oh computer science tests the function is a control of a system the based on several decades of understanding in computer and mathematics not only is the approach appropriating to our world but is the fundamental truth that why we understand a Patton is sick sense of control through hacking what’s John what’s remodeling as a product of change.

Is a hiking it is a hot girl job Jonah stand programming inside tomorrow space of change but repetitions and pattens are all a radical environment false understand the right temporal rental artificial intelligence recognition of sound visualization.

The edit Version of this is a hacking because I am dictating this on the computer environment like a hot girl trying to edit a computer environment and computer science and mathematics have a large scoble understanding that why sexuality environmentalism and theology all part of the scientific fold on obvious as an anonymous Computer trend or any kind of new professionalism that we’re haven’t really imagined because creative space into cyberspace and hacking just a new way of understanding what a means to be human.

The idea is a way that we edit of thoughts my thoughts my thinking is different because I perceived understand what I am talking about to the recognition by the computer but this is all a controllable outcome as her emotional response by technology I’ll buy artificial intelligence. There’s no marketing here but of course there’s a hierarchy of commerce and all as a relational artworld understanding of each paragraph is a relational understanding of jogging mumbo-jumbo so so see philosophy and a jogging of technology. Is a cultural hybrid design because The ghost attacks how understanding of packing into the Rhymin that how we speak directly into the river and the controls the temporal data inside our operating system.

I think knowing what you see in front of your eyes and seeing what you know a priori to the theory a voice recognition design in the horizontal momentum of search results rather than actual understanding how to proceed I think you’re being like philosopher a Question nor make oh understanding automotive mold all composition of design function inside the vehicle because we understand the basic principle phone photo function form is vision as a byproduct or phone mathematically molded throughout worlds of silicon composition form of environment as a mathematical equation that how we live through each word and repetition of sound produce as we know it begins in the very early stage of programming mathematics is the visual color of condition that we accurately depicts throughout centuries by painters designer and architects it is a distraction of time when we see grow eyes the people are saddened by the outlook of the social contracts any environmental issues because we understand vision and sound it is just the music of Time movement and I’ll psychology is through a manipulation of space I’m planning in the urban on non-urban psychological sense.

If I will write something roughly speaking to the audience it is not only a way of editing my voices but also as a way as a Performa performing a piece of music but as you’re reading these elements of style a perfect intention of new product and the mathematics of calculating color are in front of you as a visualization to Record interpreter an interface design environment IDE they come in many forms of open source which means it’s free of commercial reason in exchange for community who will operate and con additional the update these programs.

Programming especially design lights sound cannot be visually visible a so-so’s as a source also’s code for example is a construction of a new way of life Brother thought mention of life itself in the dimensional world that we live Woods and sound words and sound a part of this program off sequence.

To understand a language of programming we had understand first to send text syntax of programming or logic that the language we choose to be working on please stop. The dictionary of the world is in experimentation by program active programming even in the most experimental language wish that is not not true but Delilah Jake is a logic since did not Cursi is ending an accurate whale depicting musical pieces but is the happening of exhibit visions space and experimentation.

Through space we using a temporal Spatio shift in time. So what its time, is the fundamental question.how we work