Linear Perc (Diagrammatic sketch of mixing)

A new post on my website “M for Dial” is something entirely subconsciousness through the film with the same rewordings of that title “Dial M” I am not writing about thoughts in the level of filmmaking, I am not even saying anything deeply. Here is why.

The tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng (d.433 BC), excavated by Chinese archaeologists in 1978, contained thirty well-preserved musical instruments. The most spectacular are a set of 41 chimestones and a set of 65 bells, both of which carry lengthy inscriptions concerning pitches, scales, and transposition. These inscriptions are the earliest texts on music yet known from China, and the bells still sound the pitches that their inscriptions refer to. – Professor Robert Bagley, Princeton University.

I think I am strangely attracted to musiqué concréte, from reading I came to realized that the kind of information that is available for Musiqué Concréte is so vast and available, and I haven’t yet taken time to really understand how the technology and the movement really have established the electronic music of today. Especially with the aspect of computer technology and the uses it has in production whether is pop music or more experimental independent electronic music.

La problème pour les musique experimental, J’ai pense l’équiperont c’est trés unique mais aussie de la samplé c’est trés toute antidote.

The kind of thought that would consider as the most devastating negativity would not proceed in the same manner as a psychological study educated guess person who emanated into, I have a completely different view or format for difference artists, for their independent. And the label is design as a typologic-geography…that only retaining the music in a type of geology(so when audience buy these tracks and the money should go directly to the artist and not to the label under an unified operation during minting. the client-host relationship will be b2b and not b2c. I understand the current style of distributions’ that label owns everything…, a bit of looking and digging into the maths. Here is something visually consideration but only should be in theory:

In mathematics, the Jacobi curve is a representation of an elliptic curve different from the usual one. Sometimes it is used in cryptography instead of the Weierstrass form because it can provide a defense against simple and differential power analysis style attacks; it is possible, indeed, to use the general addition formula also for doubling a point on an elliptic curve of this form: in this way the two operations become indistinguishable from some side-channel information. -wikipedia.

In its earliest form (the GRMC) and with the GRM well into the 1960s, there seemed to be fairly strict rules concerning the production of music concrète / acousmatic music without the use of electronically generated sound or synthesis. -Ableton.

The problem for experimental music, I think teams will be very unique but also sample it is very antidotal.


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What does Fubini’s theorem say?

Fubini’s theorem tells us that (for measurable functions on a product of σ-finite measure spaces) if the integral of the absolute value is finite, then the order of integration does not matter; if we integrate first with respect to x and then with respect to y, we get the same result as if we integrate first with …

For example, there is a product measure and a non-negative measurable function f for which the double integral of |f| is zero but the two iterated integrals … – Wikipedia.

Wordplay [Inside the double helix the code is arranged by sequences. These chains of code produce the DNA for species, churning out the basis of Helix sequence consist of other strand in particular something call junkDNA; kind of like the dark matter in the universe at the moment unknown to what it does or can do for.]