An obscure genre that never yet existed in Hong Kong

In the way of competitive markets for the record industry under the downturn for Covid-19 have stopped the music label publishing to pursuit new opportunity and the discovery of new talents due to the confinement process, condition to be a destruction of the ecological process of the music and performance industry. Without having to give much thought over the current conditions of the situation of isolation and between national boarders and non-traveling advise for Covid-19. The fallout of the global economy is in a downturn for years to recover from the lost of a conditional niche market both in retail and consumption.

The NLS Records representing an obscure genre that never yet existed in Hong Kong also meaning the obscurity of this genre will not survive in a global sense due to the complete progress of the competitive market is at a standstill and conventionally the experimental side of things are fallen back to the research and development area and no such value in the market, only to find itself more niche and back in the underground movement that may or may not excel much further then in the research area.

For a researcher the only way to continue is to focus on fundings within the institutes and no longer it need further explanations to achieve yet another status quo since it is in a completion,  and competition with other genre that will rise up in the future.

We can only find time to collect data and information from a past perspective and from the position of looking past that movement as history. There are plenty more excitement in the use of the VJ tool, Audiovisual and the visualist ideologies in a different time and space. For example with Live Coding and Machine Learning on mobile displays and many more others real time web-base technologies to maybe change music listening forever. If that is your cuppa of tea but traditional music platform and the old way of distributions of music could undergoes a complete change and become ever more rare in physical forms but not only we have to move with the time from how music is made but also understand how it is done.