The Light Surgeon – visualist

The momentum behind the force of transformations in internet and ioT; are creators and innovators at the plates.

From the content creator who seek to spin the wheel and make changes, the industry not relapsing into a market of economic crisis and from industries POV, can alternate reality be in control of information. 

Apart from understanding the information space or cyberspace, individual exemaplar is becoming an ill informer, misinterpreted spacetime machine; movement momento.

By becoming a popularity contest of sound engineering or sound libraries?

What are label doing these day are way too busy with working for the artists and trying to confuse everyone to make friends but rally them to buy and like their artists. 

While the organized confusion setup is in fact for most people, who no longer read about the exemplarity of originality but facing your own identity crisis with clash of culture and manifestation of non-traditional, polyracial or underwired experimentations of sound and visions. The crossing of boundaries between cultural walk has become the awareness of finding the right forum to voice out or peer 2 peer review of their own formulas.

When we are ready to create and live like we have enter the 21st century.

Bypassing when we are misunderstood by the gravity of lifestyle in the century to come reveal a p2p that is still unexplainable within people’s reaching to existential’s realism. 

But that isn’t just allowing a tribe to read and re-read Creatives™ magazine, but like the book of Pi who face a living crisis; AGAIN, CATCH22.

My randomness thinking would lead to what are we talking OF. The quality and quantity in music production is why distributions…, and loudness war is fast and sound quality is slow.

This isn’t really printing facts about the new trend; death is more likely to come between you, your time and your label, also the unreliability of new slow ire movement is fast to cash in to a sub-terrance of the underworld than your hereditary DNA sequence for them to archive your music in deep web.

From the 18th century their requirement to meet the academy are usually theory over the energy level of knowing that there are some formalism within the modernati in the innovation of machinery and technological improvishes the ART FORM itself.

Rather than an instruction of acknowledged fact, there are more or less an innovation in the art world. A work of art in the sense of languages and the form of projectioning of a not so new medium in design of art and structural languages(Lev Manovich) the art of knowing and sensing an inside the noton (N*) of sound composition then the timing of finding a lingering monument in the vast of creativity. The geometry of sound work in the rhythmic, tonal counting of linguistic of instrumentalism, especially in the instrument OF choices the design is coming from the through history of plateau or a delaunay geometric equations

NLS001 – Quayola – Strata Series (Vinyl only)

Indeed we cannot capture the human history of endogenesis for engery but in sound thought to have been the time of capturing the cog of software content in an achievement of the lost in space quantum entanglement.

On the contrary, the tail of twince(twin) cities and designation of processing the energy of monumental task? There are some period how we question the science behind the unique perspectives of implications to re-organizing common rite of memories and experiment with the by fully possibilities of mathematics form structures, and then guessing that form is following function. But the truth is intended and questions are only a continuum of instructional experimentation. Music label is to grow from a crisis of creative digital format of new order and disorders likely the Bowie of steels.