We are about the frontier of learning happiness, ad lib sorrow to see that the chaotic future of a mechanical future, the Estrada of getting older and in to the world of pessimissic automations, naive technological enhancement that turn hubris. Those high profile corporations and massive sectorial migration and gratification in urban and rural area, or that the FIFTH Generation of electricities and online system(NLS) making human having to think too much about their own vanity and vice versa of Artificial model landscaping is to be consider a wealth but basis on all assumption of human’s declaration to a better health societaly. This social change is only get written in books or self health novelty(of the wealthy.)

In my experiences of social injustice and all states actor, the consumption are more important that of consummation. Having to say that I think the future in birth control, disease control and love of gods in all sector of studies are cultured; that will become so dialectic and maximised in to an extreme doctrine of reality, that aging and biohacker will not provide you more safe heven than the corporal body of state run agencies. I am speaking kinda in a global dynamic movement (rather Dis-tropic) as an observationist, rather than as a press or media point of view when will information age take the passage of time and reveal our past is connected ever more and more with the ancient civilisations. As momentarily flashing past our eyes that this possible outcome of the control, action and diatribe of massive regression are all based on a single being in decision. And made independent-neurality or linear-collectivity. I think this is now lost of space and time, and show it when you have love. You won’t get that many more chances to tell people how to love another one if the deterioration continue to systematically forge pass the human race. Stay positive always, only a single thought or decision could bring on massive destructions.