New Release from Shoestrüng - Digital Only


New Begs is an electronic, glitch and very  much experimental journey.  New Begs started late 2015 and was completed early 2016.  It features subdued beats, layered textures, ethereal audioscapes and cinematic breaths combined with a bit of tongue in cheek all thrown in to tell a story of a journey through a dark yet hopeful world.   There is obvious humour at times and very direct nods towards existing cinematic scores.  It is through the use of layers that New Begs shows its 5 track journey. Rarely do the tracks end as they start.  The key and defining word is "journey".  We all have our journeys in life, all unique, sometimes troubled, but genuine at all times.  New Begs is the first album to be released by Shoestrüng who already has a follow up in the works.