Zebra Kills Horse Full album Release 2016



Zebra Kills Horse is a musical project created by Paul Turner in 2011. Originally starting his career as a visual artist Paul started to trade his paintbrushes for analogue synths, shifting to musical compositions from canvases. Hailing from Australia and now based in Hong Kong Paul’s music spans a variety of electronic genres including ambient, experimental, soundtrack and musique concrete. Using synthesis, sample mangling, acoustic instruments, field recordings and handmade instruments he creates fresh and unique aural textures and compositions. Zebra Kills Horse has been steadily playing live shows throughout Hong Kong and continues to work on new and innovating music.


Cuts & Shelves is an electronic album from Zebra Kills Horse aka Paul Turner. The album was created in 2014-2015 and weaves a mix of ambient, experimental, soundtrack and down tempo styles into a complex and engaging listening experience. The album draws inspiration from a wide range of sources from Enter the Voids out of body theme of reincarnation, Albert Camus’s existential book The Outsider can be heard  in the song The Beach and  Woland’s Ball comes straight out of Mikhail Bulgakov”s masterpiece The Master and Margarita. Other tracks like Lost in the Mountains and Double B Key bring together dark and textured soundscapes that create dream like atmospheres that the listener can get totally lost in. The album also goes in a more upbeat direction with the use of polka beats and down tempo rhythms. Zebra Kills Horse seamlessly stitches together these different genres to create an album that takes you on a journey from experimental to sounds to grooves that will stick in your head long after the album has finished.